Thinking in solutions

TDA provides optimal solutions to airlines, leasing companies, MROs, OEMs, and traders. 

What can we offer you?

  • Engine components (Modules/individual parts) and QEC Materials
  • Asset Management services including consignment solutions
  • Trading and/or leasing engine arrangement
  • Fan blades exchange pool

Engine types we support

  • CFM56-3
  • CFM56-5B
  • CFM56-7B
  • V2500-A5
  • CF6-80

  Why Engines?

In November 2021, TDA engine division started operations. After TDA’s 40 years of presence in the USM industry, the time came here to do something new for TDA that would differentiate our position as one of the most well-known global aircraft parts providers. TDA decided to focus on the engine market as well.

From many teardown projects TDA has done to date, the focus has always been on the airframe from huge amount of knowledge and experience. However, since TDA attracted various asset owners under our asset management service, it’s becoming even more interesting to include the engines into our portfolios as well.

Thrustreversers in logistics at TDA

Shared knowledge

With the experienced specialist’s joining and tie-up with Sojitz, TDA can lean on a large amount of knowledge and network in the engine market as well.