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As aircraft redelivery projects are not the most popular part within the aircraft leasing industry, we can help lessors to take away the concerns for their MRO needs on components level and distribution of repairs through our MRO network.

This will save both lessors and lessee’s time and costs because we will work as efficient and transparant as possible for all stakeholders.

More then 52 % of the global air fleet was owned by lessors in 2022. The largest leasing companies are the biggest owners of aircraft globally and lease these to airlines – often on long term contracts. When such a contract comes to an end, heavy maintenance and a redelivery of interiors and exteriors are needed. This is where TDA comes in to support with a variety of services

Where we can help with

| Adequate services to support on-time re-deleveries

Leasing an aircraft is one thing, but to return it to the lessor is a big operation for both the lessor and lessee. Burdens like poor communication between various stakeholders, poor planning and preparation, lack of understanding/misconception of the process and lack of experience play key roles often resulting in cost overruns and late deliveries.

We can provide custom-fit solutions to decrease cost overruns and burdens in the redelivery process by taking away concerns for the distribution of components and repairs through our dedicated lessors team specialized in redelivery processes.

| We offer: 

  • Distribution of repairs through our wide network of well-recognized MRO Shops
  • A continuous flow of components thanks to our teardown projects and procurements
  • Consult/advice concerning cabin material.

Our dedicated team will be the central contact point for all stakeholders involved. We can update and inform you on information about the status of repairs, lead times, and real-time availability of material.

| Reduce waste to increase profit

When an aircraft is due for conversion to freighter, a lot of materials are planned to be removed, from small line-items to major beams. Many items, components included, often end up being scrapped. But did you know we can help you by purchasing the excess components during the removal?

Think about items from the cabin like the PSU’s or ovens, avionics and static ports, engine components and aerostructures.

Apart from that, TDA offers their traditional services to ensure a steady supply of desired components. From small nuts and fuse-pins to fanblades and avionics, we supply!

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