New teardown project

TDA acquired two A319s for part-out, MSN2777 and 2779 have been disassembled by ecube in St.Athan, Wales. This project also marks the first Airbus teardowns of 2024 for TDA. Both aircraft were built in 2006 and were operational with EasyJet until Q4 2023.


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Total Accumulated Lifespan

  • Hours | 43933
  • Cycles | 30428


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Total Accumulated Lifespan

  • Hours | 48219
  • Cycles | 31354

Teardown process

Both A319s have been disassembled and will be scrapped shortly. The jets are equipped with CFM56-5B engine nacelles and the cabin was configured to a full economy layout with 156 seats. This is the typical low-cost configuration used by several carriers, to max out capacity on the A319. 

The components of both airframes are currently listed in our system and, therefore, available for sale. The majority of the components are on their way to our global warehouses and are expected within the next 2 weeks, but you can contact our sales team already to place your enquiries or check the marketplaces for your desired components.

Special thanks for the photos to:
  • Ecube, Wales, UK.

| Parts enquiry and special requirements

For this project we have sold the majority of the cuts, but we have more projects on the horizon for which you are able to inquire about cockpit cuts, or skintags for aviation collectors!

Curious to know more? Contact our sales team for more informaiton

Contact our sales team for all your enquiries

 Up next

We will continue to focus on both narrow-body and wide-body aircraft. Therefore we would like to reveal our next exciting teardown projects in the upcoming months.

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