New teardown project

TDA has secured two additional A319s for part-out, MSN2184 and 2245 are currently due for disassembly by eCube in St.Athan, Wales. With this project, we count up to 24 A319 teardown projects since MSN1145 in 2016, all to ensure continuous supply to our end-users and MRO shops.


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Total Lifespan

  • Hours | 49269
  • Cycels | 33917 
  • Avg. Flight time | 1.45 Hrs


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Total Lifespan

  • Hours | 43572
  • Cycels | 36892 
  • Avg. Flight time | 1.18 Hrs

Teardown process

The disassembly process of MSN2245 has started. MSN2184 will follow afterwards. The majority of the high-demand components will be removed. A portion /part of these items will be evaluated for possible repairs or modifications.

The aircraft comes with some interesting items. MSN2245 and MSN2184 are both equipped with CIDS director units and ADSB-OUT. 2245’s APU also has significant green-time left since its last overhaul was in 2019 and has only accumulated less than 2,000 cycles since then.

The majority of the parts will be shipped to our warehouses directly, from where we shall serve the USM market. Some items will ship straight to the repair shop.

Special thanks for the photos to:
  • Ecube, Wales, UK.

Did you know?


EasyJet was planning on returning these aiframes back to their lessors in the winter of 2018. The machines we’re debranded, thus all-white. But with the crazy demand of leisure flights in the summer of 2019, the aircraft we’re put back in service, so they we’re decorated with a small orange sticker on the side of the fuselage. Only a couple of A319s of EasyJet (including 2184 and 2245) flew with the livery!

| Parts enquiry and special requirements

Since we are amid teardown, it’s currently possible to place requests for special parts such as cut off cockpits (for flight simulation purposes), complete fuselages (suitable for training and educational purposes), and more. All components harvested from this aircraft will be tagged as soon as possible for end-use purposes.

Contact our sales team for all your enquiries

 Up next

We will continue to focus on both narrow-body and wide-body aircraft. Therefore we would like to reveal our next exciting teardown projects in the upcoming months.

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