Young A320 acquired for teardown

TDA is proud to announce the acquisition of MSN3359, an Airbus A320 from 2007. The former Alaska Airlines Airbus will go in the books as the one of the youngest Airbus A320’s ever for disassembly. It’s not the first time TDA breaks records with the disassembly of an A320. In 2016, we acquired MSN2137 for teardown: an ex-AirAsia A320 of just 12 years old, which then was the youngest teardown project ever.

MSN3359 shall be disassembled at Pinal Park in Marana, AZ, USA. The high-quality parts we harvest from this jet shall be shipped to our well-known strategic hubs around the world for exchange and sales purposes.

 Unique items of interest

We strive to serve our end-users in the best way possible. To do that, we continuously extend our sourcing process by taking their demand into account, In other words, we make sure to offer our customers a wide range of various items. For instance, from this particular aircraft, we are offering the following unique items:

 Fun facts

  • In 2007, Virgin America (the North American subsidiary of Virgin Atlantic) took delivery of MSN3359. All Virgin aircraft had unique names, often related to iconic artists/figures. The 3359 got the name “Mach Daddy”, named after the iconic reggaeton duo from Panama.
  • TDA tops the chart by having five out of ten youngest A320 family aircraft for teardown on our name: the youngest A319 (MSN4268), the youngest pair of A319s (MSN3560 / MSN3533), another A319 (MSN3407), and this new one on number 5.

 Enquiries & requirements

Thanks to our efficient dismantling process we’re able to offer special items, such as doors, fuselages as well as the landing gear, APU (GTCP-131-9A) and complete sets of nacelles (CFM56-5B & V2500-A5).

Feel free to enquire for more information.

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 Up next

We will continue to focus on narrow-body aircraft and therefore would like to reveal our next exciting teardown projects in the upcoming months.

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