Our first Airbus wide-bodies for teardown

TDA has secured a consignment of two A330 aircrafts for part-out, MSN102 and MSN244. The 25-year-old A330 aircrafts are being disassembled by Ascent Aviation Services in Marana, Arizona. MSN102 is already scrapped, where MSN244 is currently in the midst of the disassembly process.

It’s the first A330 project in the history of TDA and with that our second wide-body project in history after dismantling a Boeing 767-200 in 2012. With this project, we extend our support to the wide-body USM market.

Currently in disassembly

The disassembly of MSN 102 (an ex-Cathay Pacific aircraft manufactured in 1995) has been finished. MSN244 (Ex Cathay Dragon built in 1998) is on-going. We shall harvest around 1000+ items from the aircraft. A certain amount will go straight into repair at local certified shops and eventually added to our ready-to-go stockpile at the (new) TDA Miami warehouse.

The majority of the parts will ship to our Amsterdam warehouse, from where we shall serve the EMEA market.

MSN244 is equipped with relatively new inlet cowls applicable to the Rolls Royce Trent700 engine. Both A330s include IFE (panasonic screens) and business class seats as well.

After both 244 and 102 are finished, we will shift our focus to the third A330 aircraft due for disassembly which we will announce shortly.

Parts enquiry and special requirements

Since we are amid teardown with MSN244 especially, it’s currently possible to place requests for special parts such as cut off cockpits (for flight simulation purposes), complete fuselages (suitable for training and educational purposes), and more.

Feel free to contact our sales teams for all your enquiries.

 Up next

We will continue to focus on both narrow-body and wide-body aircraft. Therefore we would like to reveal our next exciting teardown projects in the upcoming months.

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