New aircraft for teardown:

TDA has acquired another Boeing 737NG for teardown. MSN30687 is a former Ethiopian 737-700 with Winglets and CFM56-7B Engines. The aircraft with tail number ET-ARB was ferried to St. Athan in Wales, UK where it has been disassembled for spare parts by ECube.

Airframe Details | MSN30687

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Total Lifespan

  • Hours | 48523
  • Cycels | 26018
  • Avg. Flight time | 1.86 Hrs

Project development

TDA is working hard to add a larger variety of components available on demand to supply end-users the best way we can. This project will contribute another badge of mid-life USM material for the 737NG series. The majority of the items will be distributed to our warehouses globally whilst another badge will be send directly to the MRO shops or the OEM in question for overhaul and repair.

Whilst this airframe is nearing final inspection, most items harvested from this aircraft are already listed in our system, so it’s possible to inquire already for spare parts with our sales team.

Larger items like flight controls or cuts are not available anymore, but you can always inquire about them as there are more projects underway.

Special thanks for the photos to:
  • Stefan R. Sekh
  • ECube, Wales, UK.

| Parts enquiry and special requirements

For this project we have sold the majority of the cuts, but we have more projects on the horizon for which you are able to inquire about cockpit cuts, or skintags for aviation collectors!

Curious to know more? Contact our sales team for more informaiton

Contact our sales team for all your enquiries

 Up next

We will continue to focus on both narrow-body and wide-body aircraft. Therefore we would like to reveal our next exciting teardown projects in the upcoming months.

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