New aircraft for teardown:

TDA has acquired a Boeing for teardown. The former Ethiopian 737 with tailnumber ET-ARD was ferried to St. Athan in Wales, UK where it will be disassembled for spare parts by ECube. It’s the 8th 737-700 aircraft to be added to our teardown portfolio. With a DOM of 2007, it’s one of TDA’s youngest 737NGs for teardown purposes.

Airframe Details | MSN30710

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Total Lifespan

  • Hours | 48523
  • Cycels | 26018
  • Avg. Flight time | 1.86 Hrs

About 30710 and the next steps

Our technical team have already finished pre-inspecting the aircraft and have given the green light for the teardown to commence. The 737 was built in 2007 and started operations with Flyglobespan that same year. In 2010 the machine was transferred to fly with LAN in Colombia until 2014. Not shortly after being withdrawn from use, the aircraft found a new operator which was Ethiopian Airlines until 2023.

The 737 will now find another purpose to be used for spare parts to supply the ever-demanding supply chain for the 737NG on the USM market. A big portion of the parts will be serviced and modified to enable end-users to get their hands on parts with higher compatibility for newer next-gens.

Special thanks for the photos to:
  • Ricardo de Vries
  • ECube, Wales, UK.

Did you know:


On November 1st, a low-pressure area was causing mayhem in parts of Europe, creating Storm Ciarán. The storm made landfall in southwest England and northern France overnight on November 1, with heavy rain and winds blowing up to 180 kilometres per hour (108 mph). The strong winds lasted for several days, including the day of the last ferry flight for this airframe.

The crew of MSN30710 was challenged with a short runway and strong gusts, but the aircraft made it safely to St. Athan making it one spectacular final landing.

| Parts enquiry and special requirements

It’s currently possible to place requests for special parts such as cut-outs for skintags, cockpits or complete fuselages (suitable for training and educational purposes), and more. All components harvested from this aircraft will be tagged as soon as possible for end-use purposes.


Contact our sales team for all your enquiries

 Up next

We will continue to focus on both narrow-body and wide-body aircraft. Therefore we would like to reveal our next exciting teardown projects in the upcoming months.

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