New Teardown Project

TDA & Aircastle ltd. have finalized an agreement, where Aircastle Ltd consigns an Airbus A319 to TDA for teardown. The airframe is currently undergoing the disassembly process executed by Ascent Aviation Services in Marana, Arizona (USA). All components that we harvest from this airframe will be used for several support programs we have in place. The items will be available for both sales and exchange purposes.

Dynamic parts supply

With the aftermarket fluctuating from one range to another, we keep adapting ourselves to the demand of our end-users. We also keep track of the variety of our items to ensure 24/7/365 global support, whether it’s in an unfortunate AOG situation, or a routine (heavy) maintenance check during downtime.

We serve our extensive network of end-users all across the world, using our regional offices and warehouses stretching from the USA to the UK & mainland Europe, all the way to the Asian region.

An interesting career

The #1742 was manufactured at the Airbus plant near Toulouse in 2002 and delivered to Air Canada that same year in May. But in 2003, Airbus decided to lease the #1742 to conduct the cold weather test program. With this test program, Airbus flies their machines to a location where they can test the performance of their aircraft during extreme low temperatures. They either use an isolation hangar (comparable with a giant freezer) or an airfield in the arctic circle, like Iqaluit airfield located on Baffin island, Canada. The airframe passed the test successfully, and Airbus returned the 1742 back to Air Canada in 2004.

source: (copyright© Eurospot)

Recently tagged units

Interesting units with recent tag dates will be harvested from this A319 such as: A radome that was overhauled in 2018, a power transfer unit tagged in 2017, ATC transponders and a TCAS processors that were placed new in 2019. If you would like to be informed about all the parts and their details, please contact our sales to receive the most updated material listings.

 Enquiries & requirements

Thanks to our efficient dismantling process we’re able to offer special items, such as doors, fuselages, as well as the landing gear, APU (GTCP-131-9A) and complete sets of nacelles (CFM56-5B).

Feel free to enquire for more information.

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 Up next

We will continue to focus on narrow-body aircraft and therefore would like to reveal our next exciting teardown projects in the upcoming months.

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