Proud to announce: young set of A319s for teardown

TDA is proud to announce the acquisition of two young A319s for teardown:

MSN 3533 and MSN 3560, two ex-Germania aircraft. These planes were both manufactured in 2008, which makes them amongst the youngest A319s for teardown. This project is entirely in line with TDA’s business strategy: to acquire and disassemble young aircraft, which allows us to offer high-quality parts to our clients.

The pair is currently undergoing disassembly at eCube, Wales. Parts to be available for exchange and sales purposes as soon as possible.

TDA Teardown Germania A319

 German quality

Earlier this year we had successfully acquired three Ex-Germania 737-700s, and we’re very excited to start the teardown project for these two young Airbuses as well.

German aviation companies are often praised for their high-quality standards regarding maintenance, which has proven to be the case indeed. We’re expecting nothing less this time around.

 High demand, short supply

These teardown projects enable us to react to the shortage on the market regarding parts for the Airbus A320-family. Many of these aeroplanes are still up and running (or flying, for that matter), which results in a relatively minimal amount of disassembled Airbus A320-family aircrafts. This also means that the amount of available spare parts can’t live up to the high demand. We are aiming to respond to this demand with the disassembly of our A319s, which

assures a reliable pipeline of A320-family material. Many other aircraft are currently under evaluation for acquisition; we are continuously on the lookout for potential new teardown projects.

With the parts that we harvest from the two young planes, we can supply a wide range of assets to airlines who operate younger planes as well. We are able to offer our customers high-quality parts that are usually scarcely available on the parts suppliers market.

 Parts Enquiry

Thanks to our efficient dismantling process we’re able to offer special items, such as cockpits, doors, fuselages as well as complete interiors. These parts are especially interesting for training and educational purposes or cabin refurbishments.

Feel free to enquire for more information.

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 Up next

We will continue to focus on narrow-body aircraft and therefore would like to reveal our next exciting teardown projects in the upcoming months.

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