Complete from nose to tail

In January 2019, TDA acquired three Ex-Germania 737-700’s for teardown. The airframes with manufacturer serial numbers 28103 / 28104 / 28108 were undergoing disassembly at Air Salvage International (ASI), Cotswold, UK.

The 737’s, that were all equipped with winglets, had previously flown for the German holiday charter company Germania before being withdrawn from use in November 2018.

German (aviation) companies are often praised for the high quality standards regarding maintenance, and these aircrafts were no exception. To achieve this high-quality standard, the aircrafts had frequent shop visits and even D-Checks within the last two years.

Three ex-germania aircrafts ready for teardown

 The disassembly

On top of that we will make sure that during the disassembly the components meet our own high quality demands. This regards the paperwork, the overall technical condition of the units, the inspection of eventual fatigue, cracks, or other defects related to stress on the components, and the possibility of retrofits or updates.

As soon as items have passed our quality procedure for re-use, we ship the components to our global warehouses or to third parties.

When sent to an MRO facility for certification, rest assured that we will only use reputable EASA, FAA and CAAC approved shops.

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Thanks to our efficient way of dismantling aircrafts we’re able to offer special requirements such as cockpits, doors, fuselages as well as complete interiors from different types of aircraft during the midst of the disassembly process. This can be interesting especially for training/educational purposes or cabin refurbishments.

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This unique B737NG teardown project, that will assure a reliable pipeline of B737NG material, is the first of many teardowns planned for 2019. We will continue to focus on narrow-body aircrafts, nevertheless we may expand our successful business model onto regional and wide-body aircrafts.

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B737-700 ready for teardown