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A short introduction

Arjun is part of the TDA family since September 2021.

Arjun graduated in Computer Science Engineering in India, before he moved to the Netherlands to do his Master’s Degree in Management. Despite his technical background, Arjun was not familiar with the aviation industry when he started at TDA.

Being energetic, extremely interested, and having the ability to learn quickly, helped him to become a full member of the sales team within a brief period.

As a former Business developer, Arjun is well known in the B2B supplier environment, therefore Arjun managed to quickly build up a network within the APAC region.

Born and raised in India, he is aware of the culture in most parts of the APAC region. Of course, it is helpful that he speaks multiple Indian languages in addition to English, fluently. Since he is working at our HQ in Amsterdam, he has even started to speak Dutch at A-level.

Arjun is working as an Account manager for the APAC region since October 2022 and is mostly focusing on the Indian Market, as this is forecasted as one of the most potential markets for the next decade.


What is your role being assigned to develop sales in your region?  

Something that I have learnt from my time here is that there is a gap between this part of the world and the Asian region currently, regarding the availability of materials and necessary support. My mission is to bridge this gap by maintaining good relationships with the airlines and MROs (Maintenance, Repairs and Overhaul) in the region to identify the necessary areas for improvement. Closely listening to the feedback given by the clients and acting upon it immediately has increased business.


How can we help our customers in the Southeast Asian region and India in particular? 

TDA has a name that speaks for itself and I consider it a privilege to be an ambassador for the brand for the region. Developing the reach and limits of the round-the-clock service that we provide, would attract more airlines and MROs on the other side of the world. Reliability is something that is very much appreciated in the Indian market. Keeping up good relationships, actively procuring essential materials and being an end-to-end solution provider would help us support the industry in the country.


What is the strategy of TDA in your region? 

 TDA is very interested in developing business in the Asian part and is actively securing compatible aircraft for teardown. In addition to that, we have a very aggressive procurement team who is on the lookout for interesting parts available in the market. Our in-house Technical team is constantly evaluating our huge inventory and works hand in hand with the Sales team to identify the right materials and ensure having them ready-to-go in our stock. We are also investing heavily in our Exchange pool to assist Asian customers with their regular and AOG requirements.


Thank you, Arjun!

Please contact Arjun at:
+31 20 659 9900 (Ext. 132)